Cheap and Essential Photo Knick Knacks

Okay, okay. So we all walk into camera stores and see mountains of inexpensive little gadgets and knick-knacks. Most of them are total crap, but believe it or not, some of those little thingies can actually make a huge difference in your shooting and image quality.

So I’m here to point out the good stuff:

The LensPEN is by far and away the BEST way to clean the front element of your lenses. There’s two sides – one with a brush and one with this little soft pad. You brush off the crap and debris, and then use the pad to make that front element crystal clear.

The LensPEN works worlds better than any fancy microfiber cloth I’ve ever used, and it’s only $7!!! For less than $1 more, you can also have a Nikon-branded one if that sort of thing is important to you.

The next must-have cheap photo essential is this Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster, which is used to blow dust and other debris off your image sensor or lenses.

It’s just $10 and that makes it a must-have when you consider the annoyance of fixing your dirty-sensor problems later on in Photoshop.


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