Compact Cameras With Superb Image Quality

Now, if you’re looking for a combination of 1) high image quality and 2) compact size, you’ll have to spend a bit more money than you would on the El Cheapo models. I recommend one of the following two options:

The Olympus EP-3 is an interchangeable lens camera using the Micro 4/3 standard, which allows you to use a wide variety of lenses from companies like Olympus, Panasonic, and a variety of others using adapters.

The EP-3 has the fastest autofocus system on Earth (beating out $7,000) cameras from Nikon and Canon), and excels in low light. If you think you’d like to experiment with different lenses, the EP-3 is your best bet if you prefer a small camera.

However if its $900-with-lens price tag is too much, consider the Canon S100:

The Canon S100 is a point & shoot, but one with exceedingly high-image quality. Following in the footsteps of its blockbuster-selling predecessors, the S95 and S90, the S100 is best described as a pro’s weekend camera.

It has a large image sensor for excellent low-light performance, and a highly-versatile 24-120mm zoom lens. Odds are, like the S95 before it, the S100 will be THE best point & shoot camera on the market.

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